Tuesday, 26 July 2011

5 + 365 = 6

star wars is it!

present time



early morning lego


I'm sure that we're not the only household where birth-days start very early. It was still {very} dark outside when our early riser spotter her brother's presents and went and roused him {and us} from our slumber to come and discover what was contained within.

At their age it's not really that important who's birthday it is, the present opening and subsequent playing is pretty communal... and even though we're 365 days on from his 5th birthday, it looked pretty similar to me. A flourish of unwrapping, some quick playing with the exciting stuff and then onto the lego building.

The big difference this year?... the lego had to be built super-quick because this year he had to be at school by 9am {with his new lightsaber in tow of course}

For each of my kids birthdays I spend some time writing a veritable essay in their birthday card, tiny writing encompassing where they are at this year, what they have achieved, and my thoughts on them in general. So I don't feel the need to write it again here, but I will say I am so proud of my little prep boy, grown so big and learning so much. He is a charming young man and I've very much enjoyed 5 and am looking forward to enjoying everything that 6 has to offer.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy!