Saturday, 30 July 2011

losing it...

it's wobbly

4:58am Saturday 30 July 2011, Age 6 + 4 days :: "Mum, I have a crack in my tooth" comes the stage whisper through the cracked bedroom door.

After our conversation before bed last night, about them staying in bed until 7 o'clock, it was probably the only thing that he could have said that wouldn't elicit a grumpy response from myself at that ungodly hour of the day.

Instead, he was told to "come here!" where I could inspect this wonder further, and sure enough... our first wobbly tooth. The lower right central incisor. Right on time too!


Funnily enough, I've often wondered about this day, and whether it would be strange, or confronting. Whether I would be upset that my baby is reaching the next stage {I did a lot of reading when the kids were younger about the waldorf philosophy, and the link between losing their first tooth and reading readiness always stayed with me} or excited ... and now that it's finally here, I am excited.

Angus' first tooth

We fought hard for all these tiny little teeth in his mouth, so long ago now. But he has grown {and is growing up} and those teeth that looked so huge in his baby mouth, now look much too small for him. Yes, we're ready for this next phase, and I find myself excited for him to be taking this journey. I remember having wobbly teeth as a kid, and worrying at them until the tip of my tongue hurt, but never having the stomach to tie a string to the door to yank it out {as was often suggested at the time} so instead I would wobble, wobble, wobble... and eventually, often in an unexpected moment, the attachment would become so precarious, so minute, that... pop, it was out.

and then of course, the excitement began. The Tooth Fairy!

Daisy stood by my bed in the early hours of this morning and explained to me how the tooth fairy works, that Angus would leave his tooth out and the Fairy would come and give him a magical gold coin for his tooth, which he could then go and spend on whatever he wants. I'm not sure where she learned this from, but I did think it was pretty cool that inflation hasn't had much impact on tooth prices over the years.

So now in the circle of life, I'm the Mum, and so I get to worry about the logistics of the tooth fairy... I think as a child we would leave our tooth in a glass of water by our bed, and in the morning we would wake up to a coin in the bottom of the glass*. Should I do the same?... or should I make a new tradition for our family?... I could make one of these cute little tooth-bags, or invest in The Official Tooth Fairy Kit, I guess I've a few days to think about it as I've no idea how long it will take for his tooth and actually unhinge.

* except for the one time where Mum was working night shift, and I may have kept from her that my tooth finally fell out. It was that same year that I realised the tooth fairy had a very strong link to the presence of my Mum, as my tooth was not collected until Mum had finished her night shifts for that week, and could sneak in once I was asleep to make the exchange.