Wednesday, 13 July 2011

swimmers are grinners

taken with my iPhone4

We’re halfway through the second week of the school holidays, and already I can see that what started off full and fun is going to peter off into a slippery ‘plunk’ back into school and kinder routines next week.

Our very first moment of holidays started with Angus pulling some kids toy light saber out of his school bag {I'm sure the kids Mum is glad of the break, because she never rang me back about our aquisition of said saber} so the first week definitely had undercurrents of Star Wars ringing through it... so far we've watched episodes IV, I, V & II {in that order} and obviously they've spent much time playing pretend with the light saber.

Come the Monday of the first week we jumped straight into swimming. At 9:00 each morning we headed off to a local swimming pool so that a&d could hone their non-existant swimming skills.

I’ve been a little remiss in teaching them to swim, again we started off well {swimming classes each week until daisy was 18 months} then she wasn’t so keen of being left in the pram, the money got a little tight, angus started sporting ear infections, and it was soon moved to the too hard bin. Where it stayed for a good long while.

Recently I’ve been speaking to friends about the swim program that the school will run towards the end of this year, and given that angus can be quite unsure about new things, I decided to enroll both him and daisy in the intensive school holiday swim program.

gaining confidence

After an initial bumpy start, where Angus was put in the level 2 class {with no swim experience at all} he was promptly transferred into the beginner class. From there on it was excellent, not only because they both finished the week with a far better attitude towards the water than the one they started the week with, but also because it got us all up and out of the house each morning. No loafing around in our pj’s watching tv all morning. We enjoyed the structure of swimming, then heading home for a hearty snack, before enjoying a play-date with friends each day.

beginner swimming

The week ended with me heading away with a lovely group of ladies for a weekend of chatting, crafting, eating and relaxing… unfortunately I got home Sunday afternoon and feel like I’ve been paying my dues ever since.

Probably due to the pace we kept last week, all of my kids has come down with a cough and cold {including the littlest one with croup} so we’ve spent all of this week holed up inside, cancelling play-dates and keeping tucked away from this miserable weather. I fear that it is going to be a very long week.