Friday, 5 August 2011



I came across an article online last night that said you could take your prime lens off your camera, turn it around and hold it against your camera, and take macro shots with it.

Right then and there I got off the couch, grabbed my camera, and tried it. Lo-and-behold... it worked!

I have wanted a macro lens for years, but as I've not got one yet {and also as I'm not worried about getting dust on my sensor, it's filthy already} this is a pretty fun substitute.

This morning found me out in the garden 'playing'...

:: a flower on my thyme plant, the flower is about 8mm wide.

telegraph pea
:: the tendrils on my telegraph peas wrapping around some garden twine

:: one of the little daisy's on her plant

:: one of the teeny tiny jonquil flowers that have recently burst forth, after sitting dormant in the pot for a year. I'm a bit shocked that they have bloomed, as I've previously had no luck with bulbs.

I've gotta say, I had a lovely time taking these shots, but if you're wanting to have a go at this yourself, be aware, the sooc shots are pretty terrible. These have been post processed, exposure increased, contrast increased, and clarity improved. The results of which I am happy with.