Saturday, 27 August 2011

a performance

start position :: backstage


giving it all


She gives us many performances each day, but this was one of her finest. There was no whining, or screeching, or crying... just a dash 'back-stage' followed by a grand-entrance. She put her soul into singing about her 'wonderful day', then gave it her ALL... all completed with a grandiose bow to the audience {me!}

I was 'official photographer' for this stunning performance, although it was demanded that I clap at the end. Her little sister had to cheer too, before she was finally allowed to take the stage to sing one line of 'twinkle star', before being ushered off by the star of the show.

singing 'twinkle star'

I'd be happy to see more of these 'performances' in our days; and with the spring weather finally appearing, and some new words to inspire my inner-earth-mother; maybe we will.