Monday, 29 August 2011

a pretty little pot


adding the fairy stones

fairy garden

Lately, she's been pestering me for her own little garden. It is not a wonder that she is drawn to do so, she watches me grow wonderful things in my garden {like the peas and beans currently wending their way up their structures} and sometimes has the opportunity to grow things at kinder {grass men and daffodils} but planting all of my seeds in her garden, and not seeing any results has meant that she is now asking me to please help her with her very own garden.

The little pot out the back gave us a lovely starting point; I'd originally planted it out with some succulents, but had neglected to use the right potting mix, presently it had become a dried out clod of dirt, with some straggly plants in it. The littlest one put it out of it's misery last week, by plucking each and every plant out and laying them on the table and ground. Freedom was not what they had bargained for either.

Some special mum and middle child time was in order, so we found ourselves wandering the isles of our local garden centre, and slowly picked out the supplies for her to make a new {happier} fairy garden... oh, and a little terra-cotta turtle to keep her company. I helped her clean out the old soil, but after that she did it all on her own, and a very pretty job she did too.

... to be continued.