Sunday, 28 August 2011

sunday :: breakfast in the park

breakfast at the park

When we awoke this morning, it looked so sunny outside our bedroom window that I suggested that we all jump in the car and head out for breakfast. An outdoor breakfast in the park.

hot chocolate hot chocolate my tea!

Cam was sceptical at first, but I convinced him that throwing some cereal boxes, uht milk, bread and condiments in a tub, couldn't be too hard. Thank-goodness he thought to pack the thermos of boiling water, so that we could make ourselves some hot drinks.


So with a pile of parkas and a box of food, we piled into the car and headed out on an early morning adventure. The novelty of eating our breakfast in the open, and not having the stresses of home around us {to do lists, laundry, cleaning, television, etc} made the morning fun for all. Of course, as soon as they were finished eating, they were able to scamper off towards to play-ground.

time for play

We enjoyed our hot cup of tea, made toast on the barbie, kicked the pill around, then were off to see the sights...

water falling

together at the base

rose steps

climbing the steps

the dam

a shadow of ourselves

We had such a nice time, and already they were asking when we could eat our breakfast at the park again!... an instant measure of success I would say.