Friday, 12 August 2011

zoo. baby!

baby orangutan


baby spider monkey

baby mia

Thank-you to a {new} friend, who invited us to go to the zoo with her and her baby*, Mia and I enjoyed a fun filled morning looking at the animals. Mostly primates. We enjoyed a lovely stroll in the chilly morning air, around the grounds. We enjoyed warming up in the Butterfly enclosure, and most of all we enjoyed seeing so many babies.

The Spider Monkey was so delightful and tiny, playfully darting around his 'room'... and we were so lucky to see Dewi, the baby urangutan up close, as she and her mother were having a morning snack.

A fun morning out, and one that I will have to keep in mind while the bigger kids are at school next year.

* meaning child who is the same age as Mia, but also the youngest in the family, hence the term 'baby' seems to stick. We have one of those too.