Sunday, 11 September 2011

a blast...*




I'm sure that we all know the theory that, if you remember something going around the first time, then you are too old for it this time... well phooey to that I say {probably showing my age!}

I remember so vividly the first time the 'friendship band' phase went around. I was in grade 6, 11 years old, it was 1988, my bff Sarah and I would sit in class, our current friendship bracelet discreetly taped to the underside of our desk, our hands working frantically every time our teachers attention was else-where {although considering that for once it was our hands and not our mouths that were working frantically, I am sure she was aware what was going on, and just happy for the respite from the constant chatter {probably also happy to have some respite from the usual oovagoo chatter too!}

We only knew how to make one style of bands, of the knotted variety, with diagonal stripes along the entire length.

A few years ago, this japanese craft book caught my attention, and while it's been in my possession for about three years now, I've not actually made anything from it.

Well, last night while partaking in a little pinning, Nay pinned this [click the link to see] a link to a tutorial showing how to make a funky friendship bracelet, super quick, using a little handmade loom.

Oh, I couldn't wait to get me a little bit of that action. So this morning, I finished off my box of sultana bran, and before I had emptied my bowl, I had already cut out the little circle loom, picked out my threads {in rainbow of course, I mean how could I resist?... I needed 7 colours! ROYGBIV!!} and I was on my way.

In the quickest of flashes, I soon had a growing length of braid out of the bottom of the loom, and before long it was done. A happy, brightly coloured, friendship bracelet.

I might just add that few more followed, in various colours.


Now the question is... will this trend see a resurgence in the tween age-bracket, or will it show a larger trend in the thirty somethings wanting to 'go there' again?...

I'm in, are you?

* from the past