Monday, 19 September 2011


We've come over all fairies here... Daisy's birthday is later this week, and this year is her turn for a party. We've settled on a fairy party, but for a number of reasons, {namely :: I left it too late to book the fairy entertainment [slash] catering} we decided to book her party in for after the school holidays... giving me plenty of time to come up with ideas {and also to discard most of them I'd imagine!}

The first party project {after booking the fairy} was to come up with the invitations... of course pinterest is my go-to, and I wasn't disappointed. I found these gorgeous invites, albeit for a baby shower, but I knew straight away that they were be just perfect for our invites. I mean, a detachable ticket, could it get any better?!?

So after many hours on the computer, this is what I cobbled together...



Quite happy with how they turned out, and lucky for me, Mum had all the supplies to print them onto card, tools to cut them out, and a nifty guillotine cutter that perforated the card, enabling the recipient to rip the ticket off. Not to mention the glue stick and glitter to embelish the front making it actually sparkle. Awesome!

I've spent the last few kinder sessions, skulking around the foyer and car-park, catching each kids mum or dad to pass out the invites. All done now, and I dare say that was the easy part.

Already I've had conniptions about where everyone is going to park, about the state of my garden, and just how much painting still needs to be done in the house. So first I'll take a big breath, try to relax, and then use the impending party as a big kick in the pants to get some stuff done around here.

Nothing like a bit of motivation...