Friday, 7 October 2011

in the garden :: snow peas

snow peas

first harvest

straight from the vine

My winter garden hasn't been as high on my priority list this year, too many other responsibilities to take care of, I guess... but, I did find the time to plant half a bed of garlic, and another full bed of legumes. The broad beans {although not as large as last year} are absolutely covered in flowers. A good sign. The telegraph peas are leggy {as opposed to bushy} and are not looking very promising for a good crop...

instead, lets talk about the snow peas. Now they are gorgeous, I planted a LOT of seed along the bottom on a climbing frame {of sorts} and after a few months of them struggling along the ground, I realised that they weren't going to climb the frame on their own, so I spent some time carefully tying them to the string lines. From that point they have flourished, and it wasn't long until the flowers began to appear.

I took a peek at them last week and was pleasantly surprised to find snow peas all over the place. Even better?!?... the kids {especially the eldest one} are happy to eat them straight off the vine {and for vegetable adverse kids such as my own, this make this mama very, very happy!}

Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a few weeks of fresh, home grown, snow peas.