Thursday, 6 October 2011

making jam

cumquat jam

I made cumquat jam earlier this year, about five jars. Since then, I've been eagerly awaiting the next crop on the tree, and finally it appeared...




breaking the seal

finally, enjoying.

The whole process took me much longer than I would care to admit. First I found the time to harvest as much as I could from the tree {and not to get too freaked out by the occasional spider on a leaf}. The cumquats then sat in their basket for the better part of a week, before I spent two days {it didn't actually take the whole two days, but I could only slot in a few minutes here and there while looking after 2-3 children} thinly slicing the cumquats while saving the seeds and pith.

The actually making for the jam*, the cooking part, only took a few hours... I had a kilo of sliced rind, so I just guessed the sugar and water {i think} I used 2 kilos of sugar and 2 liters of water {but I may be remembering incorrectly} ... Either way, it finally set beautifully.

The easy part was bottling it in my {new} dozen ball jars, and eventually I got around to making a fresh loaf so that I could enjoy some lashings of butter topped with my homemade cumquat jam.

* the recipe is here if you are so inclined.