Tuesday, 25 October 2011

trials & tribulations

up do

Daisy and I have an ongoing 'battle' :: she likes to wear her hair down, and I'm fine with that. BUT {and it's a big one} she has the knottiest hair, in that we brush it {tears and all} and within five minutes, the wind has ruffled it, she's mussed it on a chair, or she's merely moved and ... it's full of knots again. They are not just little knots either, it matts! she ends up with the entire back of her head, including the part at her nape, in dreads...

None of this would be so bad, except that she also has the ... most sensitive scalp. Every time I brush her hair, no matter if I use de-tangler, hold it at the roots with my other hand, or try to be really gentle, we {both} have red faces, tears, and screaming. It really is quite unpleasant.

I've tried to get her to wear her hair up, but even if I put it up {amidst more tears, red faces, and screaming} she is soon to take it out again, and dispose of the hair-tie... or she'll leave it in until she gets dropped off at kinder, then rip out the hair-tie.

I've pretty much given up, other than suggesting to her that she would get less knots if she wore her hair up.

So you can imagine my surprise this morning when she came to me, hair-tie in hand, and asked me to put her hair up... and there it has stayed, in a beautiful, messy {but not knotty} pony tail.