Tuesday, 1 November 2011

the gift that keeps on giving



the gift that keeps on giving

well, we've certainly had plenty of bang for our buck with Daisy's surprise birthday gift.. the guinea pigs. We've also learnt a great deal along the way, about housing, handling, feeding and breeding!!

I bought two girls so that they wouldn't fight, but they certainly did take a while to find their groove, and there was a little bit of fighting along the way. I bought two girls so that we wouldn't have any accidental breeding... I didn't take into consideration that the blasted pet store would sell us {already} pregnant guinea pigs. I bought a lovely {well priced} hutch from bunnings in good faith that I was doing the right thing, but subsequent email correspondence with the Australian Cavy Sanctuary soon educated me as to what our guinea pigs would actually need... so we bought a new, double storey, 'palace' hutch on ebay for $7 more than the {teeny-tiny} one that we bought from bunnings, and it was delivered for free.

I learned about what our guinea pigs should actually be eating, and it was totally different to what I used to feed my childhood guinea pig, I spoke to my local vet {who specializes in reptiles and exotic pets} who gave me an excellent fact sheet of what they could/should eat, and I bought some high quality oxbow pellets for them.

I watched, slightly baffled, while Smokey got larger and larger, and eventually got so wide I was sure she would explode... then {much to Daisy & Co's delight} she gave birth to three little guinea pigs on Sunday afternoon, everything went smoothly {thank goodness, because I'd been dreaming about that delivery for many nights prior!} and we quickly fell in love with the teeny-tiny little babies. We all have our fingers crossed that the jet black one is female, because that one is a keeper for sure.

Now, hopefully things will settle down a bit* with them... we will be 'sexing' them at three weeks, and removing any little boys, and then we'll work out the 'where to from here' part... in the mean time, there are lots of little cuddles with all of the guinea pigs, because dear me, those babies are just the cutest!

* of course Cam is now putting bets on Milly being pregnant, he seems to think that her abdomen is swelling accordingly... I am choosing to stick my head in the sand on this, what will be, will be... que sera sera