Saturday, 5 November 2011



We had a friends {daughters} 3rd birthday party this morning, it was a fancy dress affair, and as I'm not so enamored with the ol' fancy dress bash, I left it up to Cam to sort out the costuming.

The boys headed out early this morning to find something suitable for Angus, and as it was only recently halloween, they did have a little trouble finding something suitable for a fairy-tale theme... but they did come up with this awesome Ninja suit for him.

I love it when Angus can go to a party in dress up, because as long as we can find him something that covers his head {spiderman, batman, ninja!} then he really get's his game-on. There must be something totally freeing in the {percieved} anonimity for him; and for us, there's the satisfaction in seeing our, otherwise shy son, having great fun.

ninja girl

... and then {of course} he's enjoyed the rest of the day in costume and even managed to share {part of} it with his sister... good times!