Thursday, 1 December 2011

December 1

nude tree

Phew. I didn't think that I was going to make it, what with December 1st falling on a Thursday (!) but I bought* myself a few hours by skipping Mia's afternoon sleep today, and instead we hiked over to Chadstone {suburb, not the centre} to purchase an artificial Christmas Tree.

I've been trying to decide between between real or fake for a while, and for the last few years we've had the real deal, but it's been a pain to try and keep a real one in good nick for 25 days. By the time Christmas day rolls around, we have pine needles everywhere, the whole tree is looking a little dehydrated and a little worse for wear. Not to mention that we have to pack the tree up pronto {ie: boxing day} because we head out of town for a month the day after, and could you imagine the mess that we would come back to if we left our tree up until New Years!

I started leaning towards artificial, mostly because I wanted something that I could just pack up and stow away until next year. Then be able to pull it out with the minimal of fuss on December 1... a new tradition if you will. But, I didn't want a sparse looking tree, I wanted something that would look as 'real' as possible, but with none of the mess {cutting, transporting, SAP, pine-needles...} so I did my research and found this amazing Chrismas Tree shop.

I really did want my tree up today, so after kinder drop off I drove over there and had the. best. shopping. experience. {I really can't emphasize that enough, as I intensely dislike shopping experiences of the other kind!} The staff said hello when Mia and I walked in, even though they were busy, they had ample staff, so I was left to browse for a minute or so then someone {Lorraine} asked me if I would like some help, she chatted trees with me, made a fuss over Mia, answered my questions, and sorted out my tree for me. Then another lady chatted while she put my transaction through, wheeled my tree out and put it in my car for me, then while I was strapping Mia into her carseat, the lady dashed back out and left a lovely goody bag on my front seat, containing a little bottle of bubbly and some chocolates to enjoy while putting up the tree...

Seriously, excellent service and such a pleasant shopping experience.

The tree itself is now up, and I am de-lighted with how it looks. Lush and realistic. Exactly what I wanted.

Tonight's job will be to lug the advent calender and decorations out of storage, but so far I'm happy just having the tree up.

* meaning that I'll pay for it later when she is overtired and grumpy.