Sunday, 11 December 2011

December 11

stage fright

stage fright

she's out of control


post performance

This year was our first time at the community carols, Angus' class had made t-shirts for their performance, and he was most excited. So even though Daisy was probably too tired, we were going anyway, so we got her ready for her performance.

As soon as she got on the stage, the stage-fright set it, and she sobbed for half of the performance before being lead from the stage and back with us.

Our boy, on the other hand, was more that ready to get on up there with his class and show us just what they had been rehearsing. He did all of the hand gestures, and sand all of the words, and looked like he was having great fun.

It was a fun little adventure, and I am sure that it will get easier for us as the years go on... there was a little sad moment at the end, where he had a quick photo with his best friend from his prep class, who has moved house and will start at a new school next year. It was probably the last time they will see each other, and neither quite new what to do with that...