Thursday, 22 December 2011

December 22

last day of prep
Oooh, what and exciting morning!! Our last day of school for the year, his last day of prep. The school report has been received, all of his journals and workbooks for the year have been sent home, and wow, don't they show a lot of learning throughout the year. The final school uniform has been plucked from the 'clean laundry basket', the final school lunch for the year packed...

As we were grabbing up bags and heading out the door this morning, I found myself quickly grabbing my iPhone for a 'spur-of-the-moment' snap, it's been a big year for him and for me, and I felt such happiness watching him head out, full of confidence {because we've done it so many times now} for his last day of prep.

When we arrived at school I had one of those cheesy high-jinx moments with another school Mum, as we were enjoying the same emotion, and happily said the same sentences at the same time - "isn't it so exciting" "I took a photo this morning of the last day of prep"... it's nice to see that we were all enjoying this little milestone together.

I sent him off into his {now empty} class with his wrapped teachers gift {a wooden chopping/cheese board, with a m&w cheese knife & pate knife} and a card that he had written entirely on his own... now I just have to remember to pick him up at the early finish time!