Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December 7

This is one project that has definitely 'dribbled over the line', as much as I love this blanket, it has certainly been a labour of love, an exercise in 'sticking with it' ... it's taken much longer than I could have envisaged {and given me an insight into why they are called 'granny rugs' :: that's actually because they take so long that by the time you finish you'll probably be a granny!!}

Really as soft and beautiful as my blanket turned out, I wished more that once that I'd known to use 8 ply for it instead of 4 ply, not only would it have got bigger faster, I probably would have finished it much sooner.

That said, it's done now, in 'lap blanket size' and I am more than happy with it {and very glad so see it finished!}

You can see a very bad photo of the completed blanket here.