Saturday, 30 July 2011

losing it...

it's wobbly

4:58am Saturday 30 July 2011, Age 6 + 4 days :: "Mum, I have a crack in my tooth" comes the stage whisper through the cracked bedroom door.

After our conversation before bed last night, about them staying in bed until 7 o'clock, it was probably the only thing that he could have said that wouldn't elicit a grumpy response from myself at that ungodly hour of the day.

Instead, he was told to "come here!" where I could inspect this wonder further, and sure enough... our first wobbly tooth. The lower right central incisor. Right on time too!


Funnily enough, I've often wondered about this day, and whether it would be strange, or confronting. Whether I would be upset that my baby is reaching the next stage {I did a lot of reading when the kids were younger about the waldorf philosophy, and the link between losing their first tooth and reading readiness always stayed with me} or excited ... and now that it's finally here, I am excited.

Angus' first tooth

We fought hard for all these tiny little teeth in his mouth, so long ago now. But he has grown {and is growing up} and those teeth that looked so huge in his baby mouth, now look much too small for him. Yes, we're ready for this next phase, and I find myself excited for him to be taking this journey. I remember having wobbly teeth as a kid, and worrying at them until the tip of my tongue hurt, but never having the stomach to tie a string to the door to yank it out {as was often suggested at the time} so instead I would wobble, wobble, wobble... and eventually, often in an unexpected moment, the attachment would become so precarious, so minute, that... pop, it was out.

and then of course, the excitement began. The Tooth Fairy!

Daisy stood by my bed in the early hours of this morning and explained to me how the tooth fairy works, that Angus would leave his tooth out and the Fairy would come and give him a magical gold coin for his tooth, which he could then go and spend on whatever he wants. I'm not sure where she learned this from, but I did think it was pretty cool that inflation hasn't had much impact on tooth prices over the years.

So now in the circle of life, I'm the Mum, and so I get to worry about the logistics of the tooth fairy... I think as a child we would leave our tooth in a glass of water by our bed, and in the morning we would wake up to a coin in the bottom of the glass*. Should I do the same?... or should I make a new tradition for our family?... I could make one of these cute little tooth-bags, or invest in The Official Tooth Fairy Kit, I guess I've a few days to think about it as I've no idea how long it will take for his tooth and actually unhinge.

* except for the one time where Mum was working night shift, and I may have kept from her that my tooth finally fell out. It was that same year that I realised the tooth fairy had a very strong link to the presence of my Mum, as my tooth was not collected until Mum had finished her night shifts for that week, and could sneak in once I was asleep to make the exchange.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

baby essential bags

coming soon to jely-online

When I cleaned up around 'here' last week, you may have noticed that I added a new link to my 'shop' right up there near the top of the page... that's it, just under the header. Well since it's just sitting there, awaiting your click, I thought that I'd better get busy and fill my shop up with some new Baby Essential Bags.

I've spent quite a few days sewing and preparing these little bags, just perfect for your handbag if you're still in the 'nappy phase' or even better, if you know someone who is expecting a new addition to their family, and you are looking for a sweet little gift... well I know just the place.

Each bag is made with much care and attention to detail, and is re-inforced in all the places that matter. I still use mine regularly, and find it such a relief when I'm out and about to just pull out my Baby Essentials Bag {which has been discretely tucked into my handbag} and change my 'baby' in comfort with the minimum of fuss.

... and of course, each bag is made with lots of love {and in this case} with the help of some imperial guards, storm troopers, and little Daisy's.

If you'd like to know more, or want to buy a Baby Essentials Bag of your own, then just head over to my shop, everything that you need to know should be there, but don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more details. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

5 + 365 = 6

star wars is it!

present time



early morning lego


I'm sure that we're not the only household where birth-days start very early. It was still {very} dark outside when our early riser spotter her brother's presents and went and roused him {and us} from our slumber to come and discover what was contained within.

At their age it's not really that important who's birthday it is, the present opening and subsequent playing is pretty communal... and even though we're 365 days on from his 5th birthday, it looked pretty similar to me. A flourish of unwrapping, some quick playing with the exciting stuff and then onto the lego building.

The big difference this year?... the lego had to be built super-quick because this year he had to be at school by 9am {with his new lightsaber in tow of course}

For each of my kids birthdays I spend some time writing a veritable essay in their birthday card, tiny writing encompassing where they are at this year, what they have achieved, and my thoughts on them in general. So I don't feel the need to write it again here, but I will say I am so proud of my little prep boy, grown so big and learning so much. He is a charming young man and I've very much enjoyed 5 and am looking forward to enjoying everything that 6 has to offer.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011







I'm not sure what this says about us, but it's taken us two-and-a-half years of living here to finally discover this great playground and green space. I think it took about six minutes to drive there from our house, and we found ourselves happily playing for a few hours.

Next time we are going to take supplies so we can make breakfast on the barbecues right next to the adventure playground. Mostly so we don't have to go home so soon, the kids really didn't think two hours was anywhere near enough.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

swimmers are grinners

taken with my iPhone4

We’re halfway through the second week of the school holidays, and already I can see that what started off full and fun is going to peter off into a slippery ‘plunk’ back into school and kinder routines next week.

Our very first moment of holidays started with Angus pulling some kids toy light saber out of his school bag {I'm sure the kids Mum is glad of the break, because she never rang me back about our aquisition of said saber} so the first week definitely had undercurrents of Star Wars ringing through it... so far we've watched episodes IV, I, V & II {in that order} and obviously they've spent much time playing pretend with the light saber.

Come the Monday of the first week we jumped straight into swimming. At 9:00 each morning we headed off to a local swimming pool so that a&d could hone their non-existant swimming skills.

I’ve been a little remiss in teaching them to swim, again we started off well {swimming classes each week until daisy was 18 months} then she wasn’t so keen of being left in the pram, the money got a little tight, angus started sporting ear infections, and it was soon moved to the too hard bin. Where it stayed for a good long while.

Recently I’ve been speaking to friends about the swim program that the school will run towards the end of this year, and given that angus can be quite unsure about new things, I decided to enroll both him and daisy in the intensive school holiday swim program.

gaining confidence

After an initial bumpy start, where Angus was put in the level 2 class {with no swim experience at all} he was promptly transferred into the beginner class. From there on it was excellent, not only because they both finished the week with a far better attitude towards the water than the one they started the week with, but also because it got us all up and out of the house each morning. No loafing around in our pj’s watching tv all morning. We enjoyed the structure of swimming, then heading home for a hearty snack, before enjoying a play-date with friends each day.

beginner swimming

The week ended with me heading away with a lovely group of ladies for a weekend of chatting, crafting, eating and relaxing… unfortunately I got home Sunday afternoon and feel like I’ve been paying my dues ever since.

Probably due to the pace we kept last week, all of my kids has come down with a cough and cold {including the littlest one with croup} so we’ve spent all of this week holed up inside, cancelling play-dates and keeping tucked away from this miserable weather. I fear that it is going to be a very long week.