Wednesday, 31 August 2011

pause for thought

his version of us

I've mentioned before just what prolific artist my children are, as I am sure many of your's are too... and while many {many} of their drawings go through to the keeper {read recycle bin} or are played to shreds with {such as them cutting out all of the details, or making them into wrapping for a gift, or making paper planes} some really do make me stop in my tracks and pause for thought.

I know that sometimes I over-think things, but this little family drawing, that he has stuck on the wall beside his bed, makes me so very happy. The first thing that I always look at is "are we smiling?" {ok, am I smiling} and I was so pleased to see that everybody in his family is happy; next I thought it was awesome that he remembered to include all of us, and in size order too, and of course, that he actually stuck it beside his bed. So nice.

obsessed with snow

I found this one the next day, left, forgotten on the hallway table... it made me smile, because he is currently obsessed with the idea of going to the snow. He's having a hard time getting his head around why it doesn't snow at our house, ever. Even in winter... and I guess he's heard about the other kids at school who took holidays with their families to the snow over winter, and he wants to see it too. Maybe next year. The other thing that struck me, the 6=ANGUS; it took me a moment to see it hidden in there amongst the snow, but it is such a snapshot into what they are learning in school right now, mathematic equations and obviously that something equals something. 6 = Angus, so perfect!

YSIAD | actual | not a reflection

He's not been on his own in the 'show-stopping' art either. This gem came home from kinder last week, it gave me such a happy feeling instantly, because as you know, we love rainbows... but I actually found myself turning the sheet over to see if she had accidentally written her name on the back and then traced it onto the front, but no. That super impressive, mirror writing is all hers. I've heard that it can happen around this age, but seeings she has been writing her name pretty spot-on for 7 months now, I was a little surprised to see this?!?...

actual | not a reflection

... and then I found this on her bedhead this morning. She had taken the letters of her name off her bedroom door and relocated them to her bedhead. No, this is not a reflection, this is actually what it looks like... all turned around. I'll be watching with interest to see when all her name writing becomes a little less topsy-turvy.


Of course, I wouldn't dream of leaving the littlest one out!... but do you really want to see the scribbles all over my shiny white entertainment unit, the one where she thinks it's her own, personal, whiteboard?... didn't think so. Instead, you can look at this uber-cute photo, showing her new, favourite game of 'put all of the clips that I can find in my hair at once, so that I can pull them out, and then get you to put them all back in again' again. again.

Happy days!

Monday, 29 August 2011

a pretty little pot


adding the fairy stones

fairy garden

Lately, she's been pestering me for her own little garden. It is not a wonder that she is drawn to do so, she watches me grow wonderful things in my garden {like the peas and beans currently wending their way up their structures} and sometimes has the opportunity to grow things at kinder {grass men and daffodils} but planting all of my seeds in her garden, and not seeing any results has meant that she is now asking me to please help her with her very own garden.

The little pot out the back gave us a lovely starting point; I'd originally planted it out with some succulents, but had neglected to use the right potting mix, presently it had become a dried out clod of dirt, with some straggly plants in it. The littlest one put it out of it's misery last week, by plucking each and every plant out and laying them on the table and ground. Freedom was not what they had bargained for either.

Some special mum and middle child time was in order, so we found ourselves wandering the isles of our local garden centre, and slowly picked out the supplies for her to make a new {happier} fairy garden... oh, and a little terra-cotta turtle to keep her company. I helped her clean out the old soil, but after that she did it all on her own, and a very pretty job she did too.

... to be continued.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

sunday :: breakfast in the park

breakfast at the park

When we awoke this morning, it looked so sunny outside our bedroom window that I suggested that we all jump in the car and head out for breakfast. An outdoor breakfast in the park.

hot chocolate hot chocolate my tea!

Cam was sceptical at first, but I convinced him that throwing some cereal boxes, uht milk, bread and condiments in a tub, couldn't be too hard. Thank-goodness he thought to pack the thermos of boiling water, so that we could make ourselves some hot drinks.


So with a pile of parkas and a box of food, we piled into the car and headed out on an early morning adventure. The novelty of eating our breakfast in the open, and not having the stresses of home around us {to do lists, laundry, cleaning, television, etc} made the morning fun for all. Of course, as soon as they were finished eating, they were able to scamper off towards to play-ground.

time for play

We enjoyed our hot cup of tea, made toast on the barbie, kicked the pill around, then were off to see the sights...

water falling

together at the base

rose steps

climbing the steps

the dam

a shadow of ourselves

We had such a nice time, and already they were asking when we could eat our breakfast at the park again!... an instant measure of success I would say.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

a performance

start position :: backstage


giving it all


She gives us many performances each day, but this was one of her finest. There was no whining, or screeching, or crying... just a dash 'back-stage' followed by a grand-entrance. She put her soul into singing about her 'wonderful day', then gave it her ALL... all completed with a grandiose bow to the audience {me!}

I was 'official photographer' for this stunning performance, although it was demanded that I clap at the end. Her little sister had to cheer too, before she was finally allowed to take the stage to sing one line of 'twinkle star', before being ushered off by the star of the show.

singing 'twinkle star'

I'd be happy to see more of these 'performances' in our days; and with the spring weather finally appearing, and some new words to inspire my inner-earth-mother; maybe we will.

Friday, 12 August 2011

zoo. baby!

baby orangutan


baby spider monkey

baby mia

Thank-you to a {new} friend, who invited us to go to the zoo with her and her baby*, Mia and I enjoyed a fun filled morning looking at the animals. Mostly primates. We enjoyed a lovely stroll in the chilly morning air, around the grounds. We enjoyed warming up in the Butterfly enclosure, and most of all we enjoyed seeing so many babies.

The Spider Monkey was so delightful and tiny, playfully darting around his 'room'... and we were so lucky to see Dewi, the baby urangutan up close, as she and her mother were having a morning snack.

A fun morning out, and one that I will have to keep in mind while the bigger kids are at school next year.

* meaning child who is the same age as Mia, but also the youngest in the family, hence the term 'baby' seems to stick. We have one of those too.

Friday, 5 August 2011



I came across an article online last night that said you could take your prime lens off your camera, turn it around and hold it against your camera, and take macro shots with it.

Right then and there I got off the couch, grabbed my camera, and tried it. Lo-and-behold... it worked!

I have wanted a macro lens for years, but as I've not got one yet {and also as I'm not worried about getting dust on my sensor, it's filthy already} this is a pretty fun substitute.

This morning found me out in the garden 'playing'...

:: a flower on my thyme plant, the flower is about 8mm wide.

telegraph pea
:: the tendrils on my telegraph peas wrapping around some garden twine

:: one of the little daisy's on her plant

:: one of the teeny tiny jonquil flowers that have recently burst forth, after sitting dormant in the pot for a year. I'm a bit shocked that they have bloomed, as I've previously had no luck with bulbs.

I've gotta say, I had a lovely time taking these shots, but if you're wanting to have a go at this yourself, be aware, the sooc shots are pretty terrible. These have been post processed, exposure increased, contrast increased, and clarity improved. The results of which I am happy with.

Monday, 1 August 2011


father & son

game in progress

rockin' the ramp

arcade driving

star wars

rocket cake

rocket cake blasting off

Sunday was party day, and we started off early with a trip to the bowling alley. Not something that we've done before, but it was fun. It didn't matter that it was 10am on a Sunday morning, the fluro lights were on, the music was pumpin' and it could have been 10 o'clock on a Saturday night. Technology has moved along since I last went bowling {about 20 years ago, no joke} and now the computer scores for you, and the gutter guards come up automatically for the kids {but not for the grown-ups, much to Cam's horror}. One game was enough though, and by the end they were ready for some arcade games, and then a quick trip to Maccas.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a family get-together, where he got the 'mother-load' of his presents... a haul of star wars lego, a new bike and some roller skates {!}

We then followed up with a rocket birthday cake, with sparklers as it's jet flames {at his request} and to top it off, his first tooth came out while he was eating his cake, with his whole family looking on.

So a very exciting day was completed with our first visit from the tooth fairy. All in all, a very exciting and fun day.