Wednesday, 21 September 2011

the day she turned five...

waiting for her to wake up

As with all of our family birthdays, the bunting was hung the night before and their present left on the dresser in the dining room to be discovered when they wake. We were pleasantly surprised this morning to find that our newly minted five-year-old .... slept in! {something that never, ever happens}

Cam and I enjoyed some quiet time before we heard the excited thump of footsteps down the hall....

birthday shoes

While she was delighted with her sparkly new sketchers {they have led lights in them that flash when she walks} she was decidedly underwhelmed when that was all she got...

We knew this would be the case, but the surprise that was coming her way later in the day would make up for this 'slight disappointment' {and them some}, we knew this, but still it was hard not to let her in on the secret.

kinder treats

We sent her off to kinder with a jar of treats for her kinder friends, and as luck would have it, today was special persons day at kinder, so she got a few hours of quality Nanna-time, not to mention that ALL of the grandparents {hers and all her kinder friend's} sang her happy birthday.

After that she headed back to Nanna and Grandpa's house for her usual weekly visit, although this time she also got to make cake with Nanna... a cunning plan, she enjoys making cake, nanna enjoys making cake with her, i don't have the pressure of making the cake, and when she get's home there is a cake for her birthday dinner. Win, win, win!

grandpa's here!

When she did arrive home though, her 'real' birthday surprise was waiting...



revealing her surprise





can you guess?



the guinea pigs

This is milly & molly {or is it milly & smokey!?!} her new guinea pigs. A surprise that has been much discussed and logistically organised around these parts... and well worth the wait, as she was delighted {as expected}

I'm sure that it will take us all a little time to adjust to each other, but so much fun for her to have her own furry little pets.


Her surprises didn't stop there though, as she also got a lovely surprise when she opened her present from nanna & grandpa... a {much requested} scooter, perfect for scooting up and down the balcony.


... and, of course, our beautiful girls day was capped off with birthday cake. The one that she made, cut and served to us all, in her beautiful caring and sharing way.


Happy Birthday my little Daisy-chain... I'm so looking forward to five!

Monday, 19 September 2011


We've come over all fairies here... Daisy's birthday is later this week, and this year is her turn for a party. We've settled on a fairy party, but for a number of reasons, {namely :: I left it too late to book the fairy entertainment [slash] catering} we decided to book her party in for after the school holidays... giving me plenty of time to come up with ideas {and also to discard most of them I'd imagine!}

The first party project {after booking the fairy} was to come up with the invitations... of course pinterest is my go-to, and I wasn't disappointed. I found these gorgeous invites, albeit for a baby shower, but I knew straight away that they were be just perfect for our invites. I mean, a detachable ticket, could it get any better?!?

So after many hours on the computer, this is what I cobbled together...



Quite happy with how they turned out, and lucky for me, Mum had all the supplies to print them onto card, tools to cut them out, and a nifty guillotine cutter that perforated the card, enabling the recipient to rip the ticket off. Not to mention the glue stick and glitter to embelish the front making it actually sparkle. Awesome!

I've spent the last few kinder sessions, skulking around the foyer and car-park, catching each kids mum or dad to pass out the invites. All done now, and I dare say that was the easy part.

Already I've had conniptions about where everyone is going to park, about the state of my garden, and just how much painting still needs to be done in the house. So first I'll take a big breath, try to relax, and then use the impending party as a big kick in the pants to get some stuff done around here.

Nothing like a bit of motivation...

Sunday, 11 September 2011

a blast...*




I'm sure that we all know the theory that, if you remember something going around the first time, then you are too old for it this time... well phooey to that I say {probably showing my age!}

I remember so vividly the first time the 'friendship band' phase went around. I was in grade 6, 11 years old, it was 1988, my bff Sarah and I would sit in class, our current friendship bracelet discreetly taped to the underside of our desk, our hands working frantically every time our teachers attention was else-where {although considering that for once it was our hands and not our mouths that were working frantically, I am sure she was aware what was going on, and just happy for the respite from the constant chatter {probably also happy to have some respite from the usual oovagoo chatter too!}

We only knew how to make one style of bands, of the knotted variety, with diagonal stripes along the entire length.

A few years ago, this japanese craft book caught my attention, and while it's been in my possession for about three years now, I've not actually made anything from it.

Well, last night while partaking in a little pinning, Nay pinned this [click the link to see] a link to a tutorial showing how to make a funky friendship bracelet, super quick, using a little handmade loom.

Oh, I couldn't wait to get me a little bit of that action. So this morning, I finished off my box of sultana bran, and before I had emptied my bowl, I had already cut out the little circle loom, picked out my threads {in rainbow of course, I mean how could I resist?... I needed 7 colours! ROYGBIV!!} and I was on my way.

In the quickest of flashes, I soon had a growing length of braid out of the bottom of the loom, and before long it was done. A happy, brightly coloured, friendship bracelet.

I might just add that few more followed, in various colours.


Now the question is... will this trend see a resurgence in the tween age-bracket, or will it show a larger trend in the thirty somethings wanting to 'go there' again?...

I'm in, are you?

* from the past

Saturday, 10 September 2011

a {proper} garden of her own...

thank-you for sending me such kind words to my last post, if i've not spoken to you, my dad is on the mend, and while still in hospital, he is recovering and we feel so blessed that he is still here with us ~ much love.

... continued from this post.

I've enjoyed seeing the pride that she is full of now that her garden is starting to grow. When we staked out her section of a garden bed {so that she could reach all of her plants, without climbing up into the garden} and she planted the seeds in there, she promised me that she would not walk on the garden anymore... and other than one little slip where all three of them got in it, she has been true to her word.

her garden

While at the hardware this week, I bought her a new watering can. It's just the right size, small enough for her to handle, but large enough to actually bring some much needed water to her garden... and use it she has, even though there was not yet any evidence of growth, she trusted my word that the soil needed to be kept damp, and she regularly headed outside to water her garden.

carrot seedlings

There was much excitement when she noticed the first seedlings popping out through the soil, and she came inside to get me, so that I could go out and see {although I will admit that I had already seen them as I was checking just as impatiently as her} ... I too am super impressed, as I've planted carrots three times this year in my garden, and I'm yet to see any seedlings pop up at all, so far I'm zero from many hundred. However, with her vigilant care, we are already seeing results.

this end

In this end, we planted two potato plants and some spinach {or maybe it was coriander?... I forget} and a hyacinth bulb at the back... and as you can see, we've lots of green bits popping up.

and that end

and in the other end, we planted the carrots, and the coriander {or maybe it was spinach?... I forget} and another two hyacinth bulbs. The potted colour in the middle was a tactical ploy, in the hope that if something was growing, she wouldn't give up hope waiting for the seeds to germinate and pop up through the soil.

It appears to have worked.

showing off her garden

and the best part... watching her proudly leading everybody who is important to her, out to the garden to show them HER garden.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


When I am most anxious is when I need to move my hands the most. Small movements seem to be best. When my brother had us most concerned last year, my comfort came in the form of many little stitches, resulting in a hat for Daisy. Afterwards, I couldn't knit for months.

My Dad's had us most concerned this week. A trip to emergency on father's day, followed by an unfolding of worrying events. Hopefully yesterday was the bottom, and it will all be upwards from here. This time I folded lots of little bits of paper, and then slotted them all together. Very good for hands that needed to be busy, and a mind that needed an alternate focus.

I'm not sure that I'll ever get the urge to fold again. Tricky business it is. I'm thinking that eighty-five dollars is a bargain though.