Monday, 30 January 2012

first time at the dentist

first check, and first in the seat

first 'real' check


It's not often that my kids reach a milestone all at the same time, but this was one of those times. Our first 'family' visit to the dentist...

Daisy wanted to go first, and was quickly up in the chair with her mouth wide open {although there was no noise coming out, which would be a first too *wink*} and she happily let our dentist check her teeth with the mirror and count them with a nasty hook-like tool.

Angus was up next, and while he was okay with opening his mouth {somewhat} and letting the dentist check him out, it was not so good news for me and my future budget. It looks like he's heading down the same 'over-crowded-mouth-issues' as I experience in my youth. Unfortunately, I'm sure this will result in plenty of money being transferred to the dentist and orthodontist. On the up side, his teeth {well all of their teeth} were in exceptionally good nic.

and then little Mia took to the chair, and she was very brave, right up until the chair moved. Then, not-so-much, and she cried and cried. So really, she didn't even let the dentist look in her mouth at all.

I won't go into my ongoing dental sagas, but I will say that my middle {virgo} child was super impressed with all of the gore, and the number of instruments that were shoved in my mouth all at one time.

As entertaining as they found their 'adventure' I'm am glad that I don't have to do it again for another year.