Thursday, 5 January 2012


I'll admit, I'm having trouble getting into the holiday vibe this year. I've had my nose stuck in the kindle that I got for Christmas, plenty... and I've been keeping to myself. Truth be told, it's the sort of break that I take when I've not had enough time to myself... I've found 2011 particularly difficult that way, I feel that everyone feels that I get a break because Angus is at school, and Daisy spends time at kinder or my mum has her on a Wednesday afternoon, but I fail to see how still having a full-on 2 year old with me qualifies as having a break. Even now that we are on holiday, and I have my nose stuck in a book, I can still hear them, they are all around me, asking questions and needing attention. So in short, I'm in need of a mental adjustment, and an attitude shift because really nothing will change except for my behavior towards it, right?!?

I'm still holding out for the Chinese new year, on the 24th, as I hold more with that change than the western 1 January new year... So until then, I'll just be hanging in, like I've done all year... and hopefully the changes that I've put in place for 2012 will see me in a happier, more fulfilled place.