Saturday, 7 January 2012

Is a trip as good as a holiday?...

I'm back at the 'camp' after a night back at home... It was just the change of pace that I needed, you know how it goes, nice to get away, nice to be back!

We enjoyed lots of little adventures on our 'mini-road-trip' starting with having to make our way through a herd of cows that were being moved from one paddock to another a few kilometers up the road... I am terrible with livestock, they scare the living begeazus out of me, the farmer gave the sage advice that I should be assertive as I made my way past, and my sister gave much needed tips and encouragement from the passenger seat, and of course I made it past in my big-black-4wd just fine (forgetting to even snap an iPhone photo) but it really did remind me of one of the closing scenes in the cars movie where the Colonial orders the Hummer to drive down into the desert and the Hummer is all indignant about getting dust in his wheels, watch the movie and that pretty well sums up how I am about MY car.

When we got home we enjoyed us some showers then headed out to the hairdresser to get Daisy's haircut fixed, and she is now sporting a super-cute bob, it makes her hair look so much thicker, and was quite the hit at the fairy party that she attended today (although, they've just spent a year watching her turn up to kinder with rats-tail hair at best and with a full dready-mat down the back at worst, so anything was going to be an improvement!)

I had a lovely catch-up with my best-female-friend and have been pleasantly surprised by just how much I've missed her company this past few weeks, nothing like a bit of girly natter to sooth the soul... and then I spent an hour on the phone this morning with my best-male-friend and walked away from that conversation with a whole other (more positive) perspective on some of the stuff that has been bothering me of late... and I enjoyed a pleasant 24 hours with my sister and my daughter, eating take-away, shopping and hanging out.

On top of that I had a chance to spend some time in my garden, mounding potatoes, harvesting onions and admiring my developing tomato crop, and that is always the stuff that I enjoy.

... then, of course, there was the reason that we went home, one of Daisy's friends fairy party, which was so beautiful... it was decorated perfectly, with just the right amount of pink and pretty decorations, the fairy was a huge hit, and the face painting devine. It was also nice to catch up with my mum-friends, a treat that I don't normally get in the middle of the summer holidays... and the hosting was amazing, drinks and food for the mums, just perfect.

Then we hit the road to make it back to camp in time for dinner. A mere days break, but so sorely needed that it felt like it was much longer...

Now onto the business at hand, being on holiday...