Friday, 20 January 2012

more holiday adventuring...

melbourne museum

viewing the 'real' thing

today we visited the melbourne museum... and saw stuff!

i'm a little embarrassed to say that this is my first visit to the 'new' museum. I've had many excuses for not going, ranging from the kids not being old enough, to not wanting to go on the weekend, basically it's been chucked into the 'too-hard' basket... but with a willing chauffeur who was keen on a family visit, off we went.

and of course it was AWESOME!!

We started with the dinosaurs, and after reading dinosaur books to Angus for years, it was quite mind-boggling to see the bones for real {i have seen them as a kid, but everything looks big when your a kid right} ... but these skeletons are huge from a 'grown-up' perspective too. I was totally impressed with the interactive technology in the new museum, as were my kids...

perfect for six year old boys

... and really, did they design this computer for six-year-old boys? I lost count of how many times we had to return to it so that he could watch it 'poo' again!

interactive information

This was another area that we spent heaps of time in, all of the animals. I am sure that I didn't notice all of them, but I can say that when I was standing right in front of the lion, it gave me a glimpse of how scary it would be if you were looking down the eyeball of a real {live} one... shudder!

looking at stuff

We also spent ages looking at the creepy crawlies, something that Cam said he loved as a kid {personally I never went in for the kritters} but they found it interesting, and it is something that I would have spent more time in as a grown-up if I didn't have the kids in tow.

pinned beetles

confiscated creepy crawlies

All in all, a grand adventure and one that we will do again {maybe in about 6 months} there was just so much to see, and so many things that the kids to touch and peer into. {i feel like I should be putting in stars here... okay 5 stars it really was that good}