Wednesday, 18 January 2012

zoo day

we gave them a map each...

... they found the giraffes

map reading convention


We came back from the beach early this year, which meant that we still have Cam around for another week before he's decided to go back to work... one of our goals for this remaining week of holidays was to do some fun stuff as a family...

A day at the zoo was right up there on the list.

We strolled through the gates, giving each of the kids their own map and asked them to choose what they wanted to see, then we just followed them around on their 'choose-your-own-adventure'. I've got to say, that doing the zoo this way was... fun. I wanted to see the reptile enclosure {because we never seem to get there} so they found their way there, stopping in to see the Platypus and the giraffes first. After spending quite a while with the reptiles we headed past the lions, then had an early lunch before heading across the zoo to find the {sleeping at the back of their enclosure} tigers, then the butterfly's, spiders {ew... crawly, crawly skin!} elephants, then having a little rest at the orangutans {as well as catching up with their cousins who were also visiting the zoo}.

After all that we had a turn on the carousel, followed by the seals, but by then the kids were shot, so we made our way home.

A fun {but tiring} time was had by all, really the epitome of family outings, right.