Monday, 27 February 2012

catching up...



It feels that I am finally catching my breath after a hectic start to the year. We are starting to settle in to the new routine of school, Angus is there all week, Daisy currently has Wednesdays off, and I'm at mine on Friday's. Mia is transitioning into childcare okaaayyy{ish} the drop-offs suck, but after that she has a wonderful day with 'her friends', but her favourite is definitely Friday's when she get's to play with Nanna all day long, and they go swimming! which Mia is loving!... she has been watching her brother and sister's swim class, from the confines of her pram, for six months, so she was so excited when it was finally her turn to be allowed in the water.


I also enjoyed {immensely} a weekend retreat to the Island, a chance to get away, relax and finally meet a long time {online} friend. I know that to some of my 'real-life' friends, it seems a little weird to go away with someone that you've never even had a verbal conversation with, but I am pleased to report that it was awesome. Our weekend was entertaining, relaxing, beautiful, and connecting... I know that I can add V straight into my stable of 'real friends' and will most definitely be doing another weekend away with these lovely ladies when the opportunity presents itself...


dinner on the deck

... and I must thank both Julia & Victoria for putting up with my enthusiasm and exuberance when it comes to my photo taking! I was out of bed before the sun on saturday morning, down the local beach clicking away {as well and wading out in the water}, and V was a willing model for me to get some artistic shots, as well as letting me capture the beautiful meal that she put on for us on Saturday evening.

Oh and, before I forget. If you are ever down there, and are in need of a massage, I can highly recommend Island Healing. I booked in for a deep tissue therapeutic massage to help relieve an ongoing sciatica issue, and Mick worked his magic. It's now been over a week, and I feel like a different person. 5 stars for sure!

surfer girl

cape woolamai

surf's up

Here's to getting away from it all {every now and then!}