Thursday, 9 February 2012

her first day of school

first day


all ready

Finally. Fi-na-lly... her first day of prep today. She was ready, as much as I was ready... it is with great relief that I finally send her off to school. Relief that she will have friends to play with all day long, relief that she will finally be in an environment that will stimulate her intellectually, creatively and socially. Relief that she is big enough, old enough, grown up enough for this. It is with a loving and hopeful heart that I watch her enter this new stage in her life.

It is also with a loving and open heart that I welcome her home at the end of her busy day... she didn't want to leave school, she was shrieking at me for trying to head towards the car, she was grumpy, 'yellie' and a bit 'hittie' once she was home... but you know what?... that was okay, for once I had the energy to deal with it, because we'd had the space that only a day at school can provide.

It's going to be such a different year for us, and one that I am so happy to embrace.

Well done Daisy, and the best thing honey?... you get to go again tomorrow. Yay!