Thursday, 22 March 2012

catching up...

A couple of years ago my Nanny {my kids great grandmother} moved into a little unit that is part of a retirement village... time has slipped along, and with kids and various other commitments, I had not yet visited my Nanny in her new home {I have seen her in that time, just not at her home} until today.


A few weeks ago we went on an outing and subjected my Nanny to the hustle and bustle of an Apple store. Not only that, but we encouraged her to get a 3g iPad of her own... she has been talking for some time now about having access to a computer and learning how to use email and the internet, and I thought that it would be easier to use an iPad than it would be for her to learn how to use a laptop.

new technology

Unfortunately, we've had a little glitch with the internet connection {in that there wasn't one} for some reason, the apple store employee and the telstra call centre person had a mis-communication, and something wasn't set up with the internet. After an hour of hold music and help-desks this morning, we were cooking with gas and Nanny finally had her hot little hand on a fully functioning iPad.

We covered the basics of how to surf the internet and how to liase via her freshly minted email account... and now, with a little practice I am sure that in no time she will be confidently surfing away, and regularly checking out my little blog...

... hence the increased action that we're seeing around here!