Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ducks for the festival

Our local festival is this coming weekend, and in amongst the many events held, is the duck race. The children at the local schools are invited to purchase, decorate and enter a plastic duck into the race. Last year, we were a little slap-dash in our approach, and if I remember correctly our single entrant had some permanent black texta decorations... a bit lame really.

This year, we picked up our ducks from school {the day before they were due back!} and headed straight to the art store, then out to Nanna's with our ducks, accessories and the all important hot glue gun...

This is the result ...

her duck

his duck

Angus wanted to add a canon to the bottom of his {to blow all of the other ducks out of the water so that his would win} but instead they settled for the equivalent of feather sails on the ducks backs... now we just have to hope for a tail wind.

{and I have a suspicion that while they both look like they are heading of to the mardi gras they will look more like they have been to the mardi gras once they are returned...)