Friday, 23 March 2012

how to get a home cooked meal






06-decisive moment - single photo story



It's not often that I can turn up at my parents place and expect a home-cooked meal... mostly we just let the kids loose to create mess and chaos and sit around the kitchen drinking cups of tea, solving various technology issues, chatting and scoffing goodies from the 'bickie-barrel'.

However this past weekend I needed to have a crack at a photo essay for school, so I rang mum and told her my grand plan... she could cook us lunch while I {bossed her around from the sidelines, um, i mean} took photos.

The above sequence was the photo essay that I submitted for critique at school today... I wonder if I could get away with using this approach to get another meal?

04-environmental portrait

Love you Mum!... and thank-you for being my willing subject.