Wednesday, 21 March 2012


One of my {many} quirks is that I can't get to sleep if my feet are cold {I can't sleep with hot feet either, they have to be 'just right'}. It's something that I've struggled with over the last year or so, I no longer use a heat bag after mine caught on fire in the microwave and I realised that it was smouldering in my bed. Then I moved onto the humble hot water bottle, but was cured of that when mine burst one night and the {very} hot water leaked onto my bare foot.

Since these unfortunate events I've struggled. My explorer socks don't seem to work because there is no body heat to warm them up, and even when they do work I wake in the night because my feet are too hot... so currently I go to be with cold feet and contort myself into all weird and wonderful positions in an attempt to warm them up. They get tucked in the crook behind my knees, tucked in between Cam's calves {much to his delight I'm sure} or poked anywhere else that I think might expedite the warming process, so that I can drift into much needed sleep.


Over the summer I started knitting my first ever sock, it's a lovely cable pattern in 10ply pure wool. I figured that would be thick enough to keep my feet warm in the evening, so that I can drift straight to sleep when I tuck up in bed.

Unfortunately I haven't found the time to knit over the last couple of months, so these {quarter done} socks have languished in the back of the cupboard...

So my solution ::


A toasty new pair of Ugg Boots.

Oh my they are so, so warm {and for at home use only!}

Hopefully this will mean that I can get an extra hour of sleep each night. Fingers crossed.