Saturday, 21 April 2012

finders keepers

exhibition building

I am so grateful that Victoria suggested that we head out and visit the Finders Keepers market {held at the Royal Exhibition building}; we headed in this morning and found the most delicious market. The vibe really was quite festival like {as promised on their website} and the ambience had been well thought out, the stalls were gorgeous, and the stall holders so friendly and welcoming.

I made the mistake of assuming that I would be able to get cash at the venue {or at least somewhere close by} but the only cash-point, at the museum, was out of order. So my shopping was seriously curtailed... however that did not stop me from enjoying the vibe, and most {if not all} stall-holders have their own websites, so I did take a number of cards with a view to have a look online.

quiet port {reminds me of a quiet port in a storm ~ he even brought his own chair on which to sit}
{the lovely and talented Leslie of Maze&Vale working hard in her gorgeous stand}

emma leonard
{this beautiful stall caught my eye, it was Emma Leonard ~ fine art prints... I don't know if she had eft, but would you look at that red haired beauty on the left, so amazing}
{last christmas I pinned some little fawns and wondered where one would find such creatures ~ and here they were at the love & clutter stand. I raided my coin stash and bought one of these little deers, now I do wish that I had utilised their eft and bought some more. ah well}

... and of course, because I couldn't leave empty handed, I did find some gorgeous glass bottles and a ceramic crumple cup at stand, but of course no photos of that!

Thank-you ladies for giving me an excuse to 'get out' I had a great time and will definitely be visiting the market again when it comes to town later in the year... I recommend that {if you can} you do too! x