Sunday, 29 April 2012

in the forest


long bridge

The hollow tree

next generation

shoulder ride

We took a walk in the Sherbrook Forrest today. I wanted to share the magic of the place with my children. I have vivid and happy memories of visiting, and climbing into, that same very large tree with my brother and sister when I was a little girl. Now they have the same memories with their siblings.

It was an entertaining morning, with Cam & I quietly laughing amongst ourselves as we started our walk, the complaints that were spewing forth from our middle child were many and varied, but by the time they had clambered around 'the tree' they were transported by the wonder of the place. From there on they ran, laughed and made up stories about their surrounds.

The circuit to the falls is a couple of km's and very achievable for all of our children, although the littlest one did enjoy some shoulder time towards the end.