Sunday, 17 June 2012

solstice 2012

preparing the fire - solstice 2012

We enjoyed our annual winter solstice bonfire last night, the kids were super excited that we were having the fire {so much so, that I think we'll be repeating that part again next weekend - weather permitting} they helped lug the wood up the hill, and arrange the rocks to create the fire place, and were the first to sit and enjoy it's ambience once it stopped smoking.

lamp making - solstice 2012

This year we decided to make the lanterns inside, as it was easier to keep everything corralled, and the kids could decorate theirs and then leave them to dry... later they were filled with glow sticks and we headed out into the dark paddock for a quick treck around lantern walk. I'd had a number of vino's by that stage and am proud to say that I neither fell over, nor lost any children...

solstice 2012

We then spent some time playing with lights and long exposures on the camera. Lots of fun, but a long way off from some of the more polished examples that I have seen... {check this out}

solstice 2012

We had a great night, with great friends {and we missed those that couldn't make it!} and the kids had a ball, and an over exciting late night... it really was gold!

and I look forward to doing it all again next year.