Tuesday, 31 July 2012


star or the party

I have a little boy who turned 7 last week. This grown up birthday was very much anticipated, not least of all, because it was his turn to have a party this year. As we did for last years Fairy Party, we chose a theme and then hired an entertainer to, well, entertain the little buggers mates. It all went off quite well, all of the parents dropped and ran {which was perfect} and Cam and I hid in the kitchen and left it up to the hired help.

I couldn't help pop my head in a couple of times too see that the whole thing wasn't getting out of hand, because I'm sure you can imaging the noise and the excitement of 13 little boys all locked into a room, with lightsaber in hand, for 2 hours. Oh my.


They played all manner of games for the first hour, which from what I could tell, mostly involved trying to get them to sit down and participate, while they were much more interested in whopping the kid next to them with their lightsaber. Eventually they all got hungry, and more and more of them were sticking their heads into the kitchen to spy on the cake and try and beg some food.

So eventually, we took mercy on them and delivered a plate of party food. I saw this idea around the traps {um, that would probably be in pinterest} and we put together a tray of party food for each kid, which worked out to be a great idea. All of the kids had enough to eat, and it was super easy to clean up.

party food

The party did continue after the brief food stop, and each kid made a batch of slime to take home. We finished up with the cake, which was a large cake from Michel's with the icing scraped off and replaced with the lava fields scene from the 3rd star wars movie, complete with luke and darth vadar having a battle on the cake... the kids however, all got a cupcake each, with a mini star wars figure to take home. The big cake was whisked away, and resurrected later in the day for another Happy Birthday sing-a-long with Angus extended family.

battle in the lava fields

All-in-all a great day... and as much as it hurts paying the money for the party entertainers, on the actual day it's so great and so much less stress.

Happy Birthday Angus, I'll see you in a few weeks once you've worked your way through all of the lego presents that you received *wink*