Sunday, 12 August 2012





in a season

Ahhhhh..... the last auskick for this season. It's been real... but now that we're done.... laters!

I shall elaborate. At the beginning of the season I only wanted Angus to do Auskick, not because he's the boy, but because I knew that Daisy would not want to actually participate, she only wanted to enrol because Angus was and she didn't want to miss out. Unfortunately I was right... for the first few sessions she participated, but that was mainly because her friend Si was doing it to. It didn't take long for the novelty to wear off, and once that happened she was a handful and we told her that because she had chosen to do it that she would have to see it through. Up until the very last session, where she carried on such a treat that I drove down, picked her up and brought her home ~ with her full knowledge that wouldn't get the trophy at the end...

Her brother did however have a great time this season, he participated, did the drills, and played alongside his friends. In the end he was keen to get his trophy but he's ready to move on too. The cold and the mud haven't been all that much to his liking.

The littlest one however, she was in her element. A couple of hours to make best buddies and play in the mud - it was just what her little heart desired... and just for prosperity, I do think that in the intervening months her hair has grown a little.

Now we're all ready to move along to the next big thing - karate for him & ballet for her... and so it begins.