Sunday, 23 September 2012

Easy, like Sunday morning

sunday morning

I always think of faith no more when I think those words.

A busy, busy Sunday morning. Daisy chain wanted the most time consuming birthday cake {don't worry photos are coming!} so while Cam headed back to the supermarket to pick up a packet of skewers {vital I tell you} I was scoffing a quick couple of pancakes.

We missed him the weekend before. He went down to Torquay for the weekend for work, and while we had a shit time without him {think sick me, sick three-year-old, a #2 accident at 6:30AM for one of the kids, and sleepless nights} and to top that all off, the kids didn't like MY pancakes on the Sunday morning... humpf.

Admittedly, Cam's are much, much better when you're wanting the sugar and lemon variety; and it gave me a chance to try out my fancy new lemon squeeze thingy. So, so good. I'm probably the last on the planet to discover the ease of this little beauty, but let me give you the tip, it was easy. and ace. and it's yellow, so that's ace too. Just what I need, more excuses to squeeze lemons.