Tuesday, 11 September 2012

it's all about the flowers


For the past few months I've experienced such pleasure in watching my flower buds swell and bloom. I know that it's cliche to speak about taking the time to smell the roses, buy truly it was like I needed to witness the miracle of nature this year.

I've taken a little time every day to check on my pot of ranunculus, the same ones that I bought last year, and then left abandoned in the back of the garden when they were spent... I discovered them a month or so back, happily shooting new leaves for another year. They were upgraded to the prime spot on the front steps, where I could see them from where I wash the dishes each day.

rosemary & ranunculus

We've enjoyed a revolving array of plants on the kitchen windowsill, and my little helper has been so eager to assist me when it's time to plant the old batch of herbs into the garden outside, and replace them with some new ones.

I find that they don't get quite enough sun as the kitchen is on the shady side of the house, so after a while they start to look a little sad. It's a pleasant little interlude, visiting the nursery to select something new and doing the change over, so I don't mind that it's not the ideal spot to grow my herbs.


This year I brought one of those net bags of bulbs, I didn't really have a plan for them so when planting time came about they were popped into the vegetable garden with the garlic. This is the first time that I've successfully grown tulips, mostly because in the winter I don't have to water my vegetable beds, contrary to the pots that the kids brought home from kinder, so neglect hasn't brought me undone this year. Instead I've been able to enjoy these beauties.


and this hyacinth that popped up from last year and wooed us with her beauty.

Next year, come bulb buying time, I guarantee I'll be the one with the basket full. I have a raised garden bed that will not grow vegetables, due to it's less-than-ideal location, so it's going to be commissioned into the flower bed. I can't wait to have enough stems to be able to bring some inside. Oh, isn't it the little things.