Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Losing it

first tooth

6 years old and 4 days, out came her first tooth. It's wasn't unexpected, her brother lost his on his 6th birthday, and while he lets the second tooth grow the baby teeth out, she's a wobbler.

Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. "Mum my tooth hurts!" I don't tell her that I was also a wobbler, I just suggest that she leave it alone for a while.

This morning she kept joking... Gasp! "my tooth just came out" and then gleefully informed us that she was just tricking. But when it happened, just as we were leaving an enjoyable play-date*, I knew that this was the real deal... and there she stood holding the little thing in her hand, and looking rather pleased with herself.


I dare say, because she knows $2 will be forthcoming this evening... and looking at how wobbly the one next to it is, I think that tooth fairy better visit the ATM and get cashed up.

* with the awesome leslie from maze & vale. You can purchase her beautiful handprinted fabrics here.