Friday, 21 September 2012

Turning Six

6 - early

I don't have a clue how early it was when she crawled into bed with me, I did wake enough to remember not to growl at her though, you can't growl at the birthday girl. To her credit she did go back to sleep {or at least lay there quietly while I did} until a reasonable{ish} hour. Then she snuck back into her room to wake her sister, of course then the yelling started, which woke her brother, and once they were all awake, present time.

6 - presents

Uh, nuh meh urgh mmmmm.... zzzzzz!!!!

Oh, sorry! I'm awake. Really!!

She was super impressed with her barbie & horse, even though she'd told me that she didn't want anything barbie. The lego was a flop, "what did you buy me this for? I don't like lego." and when Nanna rocked up at 8o'clock with a new version of the fashion plate, well her morning was complete.

6 - cake

Then after a busy last day of term at school, we finally convened at Nanna and Grandpa's where she enjoyed her chocolate cupcake and then swiftly ejected us all so that she could enjoy her sleep-over in peace.

Happy Birthday beautiful Daisy Chain! xx