Thursday, 25 October 2012

a retrospective...


melbourne town

i have not stopped spinning this week.
i woke up on tuesday morning & realised that my week was pretty much over.
i have spent an entire day painting a room white so that i have somewhere to take photos.
i have weeded the front garden beds {think 2 foot long grass the entire length of our house}
i have mown all of the lawns as the weather this weekend is going to be crappy.
i may've had a birthday.
i've caught up with lovely friends and enjoyed their company.
i'm on top of the laundry.
i hung new curtains in the girls room {hopefully they will start sleeping better as a result}
i've eaten way too much chocolate {i'm blaming hormones}
and i've finally had a chance to go through the images that I took during my workshop last weekend.

hopefully i'll get a chance to catch my breath this weekend.