Saturday, 27 October 2012

finding a squiggly little rainbow

squigglyrainbow terrarium


fan of the terrarium

I've been looking forward to sharing this for a while... but first I had to get my hot little hands upon it.

A while back I visited the Red Hill Market with my knitting girls {-1} and while we were on our way out, woozy with hunger and weary from the hours or perusing beautiful makers wares {dramatic, no?} the most lovely vision met my eye and I could not help but duck into the tiny world of squigglyrainbow ~ I was completely blown away to see that someone had tapped into not only my love of terrariums, but also my love of science equipment used in utilitarian applications.

... and seeing a tiny alice in those terrariums was so apt, because after seeing this little stall {and alas not having enough funds on the day to make one of these beauties mine} I was so inspired and jumped on down the rabbit hole {so to speak}.

On returning home it only took me a few days to contact Rachael and put in a custom order of my own, and obviously I needed a flask to sit next to the two litre one that I had just ordered, so when I spied a one litre flask at the supercool, I was quick to bring it on home with me.

Finally, after much fluffing around by me, I made it to rendezvous with Rachael at the Shirts + Skirts Market at the abbotsford convent, and purchase my very own {totally beautiful} terrarium.

She now has pride of place on my dresser, where myself {and others} can look at her till our hearts are full. I do not have the words to describe how much I am la-la-loving this beautiful little addition to our home.

If you too want a terrarium, or just want to admire Rachael's creations you can find her at, you can follow her Facebook updates here or you can visit her at these upcoming markets.