Monday, 1 October 2012

my space


Stick Twist Bread

Kinfolk Vol. 4

My weekend was full of music like this, played at my volume, while I enjoyed a weekend at home. On my own. I didn't answer any questions, or break up any fights, I just enjoyed some space.

I had time to sit and read, I enjoyed dinner with my parents on Saturday night, I woke up at five-thirty on Sunday morning... and rolled over and went back to sleep until eight.

It wasn't all lolling about though, I cleaned my house like a woman possessed. You can now see the floor of the laundry {and it's clean}, all of the clean clothes were folded and put away, the kids wardrobes have been cleaned out and they now have {only} the correct sized clothing in them. I took advantage of the end-of-season prices and free shipping offer on pumpkin patch and ordered Angus some new clothes, I made beds, washed delicates and woollens, vacuumed, mopped and dusted.

It feels really good to look around at an organised and clean home.

We're off adventuring for a couple of days, so maybe it will stay clean?...

See you when we get back.