Monday, 29 October 2012


sandpit overhaul

What beautiful weather we had this weekend, which was a bonus because I thought that it was supposed to be bleak + rainy. I had an idea {since all of the lawns were already mown} to overhaul our sandpit and restore it to its former glory. It's an idea that has been drifting through my mind for a while {at least 6 months}, and it's taken a while for the planets to align {for us to have no other plans for the weekend}... but finally this weekend was it.

Le husbando dug out all of the old sand and cleaned all of the weeds and crap out of it, laid new {thicker} weed mat underneath, re-used the original sand on the bottom layer, and took a trip to the garden supply for some new sand.

Ahhhh, now it won't be so hard to entice the boy child outside and away from one of his screens! Next job... the rather shabby looking trampoline...