Monday, 8 October 2012

road trip

road trip

We've been back a few days now, but I'm {embarrassed} to say that we're all sick {or are recovering}. The first day of term 4 today, and we didn't make it out of the house until our doctors appointment at 3:30... we've all had tonsillitis this time, and it's been passed from one to the other. Angus will make it to school tomorrow I think, but the girls aren't ready to join the world again just yet. So in lieu of much happenings, here is our road-trip from the beginning of last week.

old town

gold mining

gold panning

old school

We headed to the gold mining town of Ballarat and stayed a few nights. While we were there we spent a day at Sovereign Hill, something that I remember fondly from my childhood. This time is was about them though, and we paced the day so that they got the most out of it. As we walked in the farrier was shoeing a horse, so that was a hit with Daisy, then we ambled up the street looking in a few stores, that was a hit will Nanna, then we went on the Secret Chamber tour down in the mine, which was a hit with both Angus and I, then we went and ate a much needed lunch, followed by panning in the river and then {Nanna!!} bought the kids all harmonicas {not such a hit with me} but definitely a hit with Mia, then we trundled up the hill, dodged the horses, and wandered around the old houses, then we took the kids to the school {and that was such a hit we had trouble getting them out again}.

We enjoyed superb weather, and was finally convinced to head home when our feet were sore and our wallets empty. When we got back to our apartment the kids were hell bent on having a swim in the 'solar' heated pool {*cough* we're in Ballarat, what Sun!?!} so they manned up and paddled around the edges until they turned blue and I told them to get out before they got hypothermia.

On the last day we packed up {and after a minor flat car battery glitch} headed out to Creswick. I would have loved to go bush walking in the forests out there, but alas neither my kids nor Nanna were keen on that at all {so lovely hubby of mine, be warned, this is something that I want to do with you next Autumn} instead we stopped at the Creswick Woollen Mill so Nanna could have a peek, while the kids enjoyed a snack {doesn't that photo at the top just remind you of road-trips from your own childhood}. Then we headed off and found the Tangled Maze where the kids and I wandered around for an hour, enjoying the sun and all of the gorgeous plants in the maze.



fields of gold
Then is was off to Daylesford for lunch and a stop at the ice-cream shop before leaving it all behind to make our way back to the big-smoke.

I read a great quote on not without salt while we were away... "vacations with kids are not for relaxing, they are for building memories" and it was something that stayed with me the whole time. We walked a lot, talked a lot, grumbled a little, had our ears worn out, but when we got back the thing that stood out the most was that we had a great couple of days doing something different, and the kids have a heap of wonderful new memories.

and I must say a special thanks to Nanna for not only funding a major part of the holiday, but also for spending a couple of days amongst the chaos of 'us' - thanks mum! xxx