Monday, 15 October 2012

weekending {in style}


I'm still laughing as I write this post, we had the most wonderful weekend away. It's not often that we go and stay somewhere with my parents, but this was a special occasion and a lovely chance to have dinner and a relaxed weekend, where we didn't need to drive home at the end of the night. Instead, we just trundled off to our extremely luxurious and beautifully appointed accommodation at the Merricks Stable Guest House.

We all ambled down to Merricks on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a relaxed afternoon and a beautiful dinner with my sister + brad. I have no idea what my kids were up to, but they were entertaining themselves so we all got to sit and chat, and even discover little tit-bits about each other that wouldn't have surfaced in our normal, rushed catch-ups {"robyn : hopefully you'll sort your car our more smoothly now!"}. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up my camera all afternoon, so no documentary evidence, but I will say that dinner was amazing, the ambience and the company delightful, and it was such a luxury to walk the 30 seconds 'home' to my bed.

the morning after


On Sunday morning I woke to a crisp + sunny morning, and in my relaxed state was content to wonder around with my camera in hand and take in the sights. The view across the hills from the property hasn't failed to take my breath away yet. Such a beautiful spot.

The kids were pumped to be able to head out to the chickens and collect the eggs that would then become their breakfast. After we enjoyed a huge breakfast we sat and perused our various media {newspaper or smashed iPad!} and then we surprised Dad with a {slightly early} birthday cake, and were then surprised in-turn as robyn had unknowingly placed trick candles on it! After the candles were blown out there was tons of smoke coming from them, then they started lighting again. The kids were riveted {as were the rest of us!} and the cake then became as much theirs as Dad's, with all of them trying to blow these candled out {which kept re-lighting}... i'm still laughing that brad {who knew about the trick candles, and had tried to warn robyn earlier} kept his poker face on for the whole thing.


joke candles


Eventually, they got the candles to stay extinguished, and moved on to presents.

the bee suit

Angus + I had been out the morning before and visited bob's bees up in eltham to get dad a bee suit {as opposed to a bee suit} which we all gave to him as a group present. He was chuffed with this, particularly because he has recently started his beekeeping adventure, and up until now has been wearing a few layers of normal clothes, which is a bit scary when doing maintenance on the hive which revs the bees up a bit. Interestingly, while I was at bob's I asked why all of the bee suits were white, and was told that it's partly a traditional thing, but also because bees are wired to protect the hive against bears stealing the honey, and if you wear dark clothing then the bees are more likely to see you as a threat....

as an aside, have you seen the beautiful honey harvest video on the Kinfolk vol. 2 iPad download?... if not, watch this {it's beautiful}

Honey Harvest from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

After all of the birthday excitement, we found ourselves with more leisurely pursuits, such as polishing gold lanterns hoping for genies, wandering the grounds admiring the gardens and produce, and other more energetic pursuits...





Thanks for the invite Robyn + Brad, we had a fabulous time! xx