Thursday, 11 October 2012

what we ate for dinner...

preparing dinner

For some time now i've lost any mojo in the kitchen {especially at dinner time} we've been eating the same ol' for ages and ages... spaghetti w. meat sauce, plum sauce chicken stir-fry, sausages + mash, roast chicken on sunday or monday nights, take-away one or two nights each week, and fajitas {or similar} on friday nights.






So last Saturday we got up in the morning and sat around the kitchen table with some of my favourite cookbooks and seasonal food magazines {i keep all my delicious magazines in month order, septembers all together, octobers all together, etc. it's great as I can just pull out a pile of relevant season mags when I'm looking for inspiration} drinking tea, and flicking through magazines looking for some new, healthy and inspiring meals to cook.

We have been trying to eat foods that the kids will eat and BLAH I'm so sick of beige meals. Pasta, rice, mash spuds, any fatty beige take-away... so we decided to suit ourselves. Those kids of ours really need to expand their palates, so it's what we dish up or nothing.

Tonight I didn't have a recipe, but I did have a lamb sirloin {backstrap} and an idea that I wanted salad with orange chunks in it... so for the first time ever, I trusted my instinct {and experience} and created a salad. It contained baby spinach, sliced up snow peas, sliced up celery, chunks of orange, crumbled feta, and toasted slivered almonds, all topped with the sliced up medium backstrap.


nom. nom.

It was good.