Thursday, 1 November 2012


halloween '12

A mid-week celebration of halloween... complete with a creepy dinner and kiddy fun activities all organised by nanna, and finished off with a school night sleep-over at nanna's house.

snowball spiders
table scape
creepy cupcakes
freaky guests
worms + guts for dinner

The kiddo's were super excited about halloween this year, even though we've not celebrated it ever. I think between television and other kids at school who partake in {pre-organised} trick-or-treating, they just think that it's the norm... and judging from the chat amongst my mummy-friends, maybe it is? {do you celebrate it?}

So after school we headed over to Nanna's house where we were greeted with a spooky set up, with lots of fun details, like the flying bats and the snowball spiders. The kids made creepy fingers out of bread fingers and ghastly coloured icing. Aunty Robyn arrived after work with her halloween dress-up box in tow, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner of worms + guts {spaghetti bolognaise}, goblin blood {lime cordial}, and gross jellies {with a truly gross lolly snake at the bottom), followed by the creepy cupcakes.

The kids went off to bed with glo-sticks and spooky notions.

Thanks Mum for all of the effort that you went to, we had a great time! x